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Our revolutionary process can take inches off your waist line, and pounds off the scale just in 4 weeks !

Our Clinics are the first to combine the most effective fat loss and weight loss therapies in to one treatment. We have combined Laser Fat Loss, EMS Body Sculpting, RF Body Contouring, and Cryo-Sculpting all in to one protocol. And all at one Affordable Price.



Experience the most advanced Laser Fat Loss Procedures in the world. Our expert providers have helped 1000's of people reach their fat loss goals. Laser Fat Loss is painless, requires no surgery, no downtime, and has no side effects.


Want to Sculpt your body? Our clinics use the absolute latest techniques in Body Sculpting & Body Contouring techniques including Electrical Muscle Stimulation, Ultrasonic Cavitation, and Radiofrequency (RF) procedures. Utilizing multiple procedures allow us to customize a treatment plan for each patient.


Cryo-Sculpting is the absolute latest in state of the art Body Sculpting & Body Contouring Procedures. We use the safest and most advanced Cryo-Sculpting techniques in the industry.

How Does Laser Fat Loss Work?


These are real patients after only 4 weeks of treatment under our revolutionary Fat Loss Protocol. No surgery, no drugs, and no downtime. It's time to discover the new you!


How Does Laser Fat Loss Work?

Laser Fat Loss Works by liquifying the fat inside the fat cell which then leaves the cells similar to melted butter. The fat then goes through the lymphatic system and leave the body through the intestines.

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How Long Does It Take To See Results?

Our full protocol takes 4 weeks, and 8 total treatments. Two treatments a week for 4 weeks. Our average fat loss is 10 inches in total circumference off the abdomen and a total weight loss of 20 pounds. Results can be seen in a single visit. Our 4 week protocol is designed to get the maximum benefit for each patient. As you can see from the patient below, some patients can experience significant changes in a single treatment.

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What Are The Different Types of Treatments?

Our Clinics have combined multiple different treatments in to one protocol. A first of its kind process.

-EMS Electromagnetic Muscle Stimulation is first used to rapidly tone the muscles of the abdomen. A single 30 minute session is equivalent to 20,000 crunches. Don't worry, it won't feel like you did 20,000 crunches. Your abs will be sore, but feel like a regular workout.

-RF Radiofrequency Therapy is applied to abdomen simultaneously which targets the deeper fat cell layers causing the fat cells to vibrate. This vibration creates heat. The fat cell layer is heated up to 107 degree F, this causes lipolysis which is a fracture to the cell wall. This will eliminate this fat cell layer permanently.

-Laser Fat Loss Procedure is performed last which targets the outer most abdominal fat cell layers. Typically the first 2 to 3 inches. The Laser causes the fat inside the cell to liquify and exit the cell where is is then take through the lymphatic system and out with the waste.

-PEMF Pulsed Electromagnetic Frequency Therapy is performed simultaneously through the procedures to increase your microcapillary blood flow and lymphatic system flow while under treatment. This expedites the removal of the fat through the waste.

-Direct Vibration & Percussion Therapy is then performed on all treatment areas. This supercharges the microcirculation and lymphatic circulation to help remove the fat from the treated area.

-Whole Body Vibration Therapy is then performed again to supercharge the body's circulatory system.

-Abdominal Compression Therapy is lastly applied to the treatment areas to further facilitate the removal of fat from the treatment areas.

-Cryo-Sculpting Procedures are employed after our first four week of treatment to ensure any problematic areas have been fully addressed.

Performing all of these treatments as one protocol is what has made our Clinics the best in the nation for non-surgical fat loss. All for one affordable price.

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What is Body Sculpting?

What is Body Sculpting? Body Sculpting is the term for any procedure that reduces fat or circumference of the body, abdomen, or extremities. Examples of Body Sculpting Procedures are radiofrequency, ultrasonic cavitation, coolsculpting, electomagnetic muscle stimulation, cryosculpting, laser fat loss, and cryoslimming.

Examples of machines that perform these procedures are Coolsculpt, CoolTone, EmSculpt, Emsculpt NEO, Vanquish, Sculptsure, BodySculpt PRO, Shockwave PRO, Zerona Laser, Verju Laser, Kaasen CryoSculpting Device, AirSculpt, FlexSure, and many others. Our Clinics use BodySculpt line of Products and Erchonia Lasers such as the Zerona and Verju Lasers, as well as the Kaasen PRO CyroSculpting Device.

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What is the difference between Body Sculpting & Body Contouring?

What is the difference between Body Sculpting and Body Contouring? The two terms are complete interchangeable. These two terms are used to describe the exact same procedures and processes.

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How Long Do Results Last?

How long do results from body sculpting and body contouring procedures last? Results from Body Sculpting and Body Contouring procedures are relatively permanent. However your body can continue to produce new fat cells if diet and lifestyle modifications are not maintained.

Radiofrequency procedures cause fat cells to fracture using heat and vibration. These cells are then reabsorbed and are permanently removed. Ultrasonic cavitation causes the same result.

CrySculpting & CoolSculpting Procedures cause the fat cells to freeze and fracture resulting in a similar process of your body removing the dead cell permanently.

EMS Body Sculpting works by toning the musculature and does not directly burn or reduce fat. However, muscle requires energy to work and some of that energy they will take from burning fat around them. The muscle toning effect can be permanent if exercises is continued, but the muscles will require some type of constant activation and toning, either through regular exercise or continued EMS procedures.

Laser Fat Loss is the only procedure that does not kill the fat cell layer. Recently research has shown that our fat cells perform several important functions that are vital to the body, such as accessory hormone production, mitigation of stress response, toxin storage and elimination. Procedures such as liposuction that removes the fat cells via surgical procedure cause significant tissue damage and alteration of the dermal planes and layers. This can cause the body to redeposit fat in odd distributions or areas. As well as it can compromise the vascularity of the dermal layers. Laser Fat Loss Procedures cause your fat cells to empty the fat they contain and it is then removed with the waste. Leaving the fat cell layer intact and undamaged while still causing collapse of the cells. Radiofrequency, Ultrasound, and CryoSculpting do cause death of the cell layer, but do not damage surround tissue and vasculature structures.

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What Is Cryo-Sculpting?

What is Cryo-Sculpting? Cyro-Sculpting uses extremely low temperatures to rapidly freeze fat cells without causing damage to the surrounding tissues. Once treatment beings the fat cells are rapidly cooled to the point of cellular fracture. Fat cells freeze quicker than the surrounding tissues making it safe to freeze them. The freezing process is called cryolipolysis. Once the fat cells freeze their cellular membranes will fracture causing cell death. These dead cells are then cleared out by macrophages. This eliminates the fat cells permanently.

Cryo-Sculpting can be performed anywhere on the body, including the face and jaw line. Making it safe and effective for all areas. Cryo-Sculpting allows our clinicians to sculpt large areas or smaller areas as needed.

The full results of Cryo-Sculpting usually will take 6 to 8 weeks, but results are seen immediately in slimming and decrease in cellulite.

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What is the difference between CoolSculpting & Cryo-Sculpting?

What is the differnce between CoolSculpting and CryoSculpting? Coolsculpting uses multiple vacuum units that vacuum up small areas of the skin and fat tissue on your abdomen. While in the vacuum the tissue and fat are exposed to cold temperatures. This causes the cryolipolysis effect. The procedure must then be repeated on all desired areas. The procedure can be quite painful and causes bruising and tissue damage. Another draw back to Coolsculpting is the vacuum units must be precisely placed or else small areas of tissue can be missed causing what are called "butter bars" or thin rectangular fat deposits that were missed by the vacuum units. Another consequence of Coolsculpting are what are called "shark bites" or large rectangular depressions in the tissue that resemble a shark bite. This is caused by tissue damage from the vacuum freezing method.

Our clinics do not use CoolSculpting Devices for that reason. Also the procedures are far most expensive compared to Cryo-Sculpting.

Cryo-Sculpting uses compressed liquid CO2 that is expelled at high pressure and turns in to a jet of -108f gas. We are able to treat large areas of the abdomen with even and equal pressure allowing us to perform the cryolipolysis in a very even and controlled manner. It is literally like airbrushing your fat deposits. We can create curves and literally sculpt your body how you want it. The machines we use have multiple safety mechanisms built in which prevent any injury. Cyro-sculpting has none of the side effects of CoolSculpting, and all of the benefits of the cryolipolysis and sculpting effects.

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Meet with one of our expert providers to discuss your goals and see what treatments could be right for you. We offer a completely FREE consultation to determine how we can best achieve your goals.

Our Free Consultation includes:

A full nutritional evaluation, comprehensive weight loss consultation with one of our expert providers, and a full body composition analysis so you can see what you're made of! You can see the machines and techniques we use, learn more about the process, see success stories, and get advice as to what the best options are for you!


Want to experience Laser Fat Loss & Body Sculpting for your self? We offer a $49.00 Trial Treatment Special so you can experience the amazing results that 1000's of people have achieved at our clinics!

Our Trial Treatment Includes:

comprehensive weight loss assessment, comprehensive consultation with one of our expert providers, full body composition analysis on the InBody 570, an EMS/RF Body Sculpting treatment, a Laser Fat Loss Body Contouring Treatment on the Zerona Laser, & vibration therapy. See results in just one visit!





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