Kaasen Cryo-Sculpting
Cryo-facial device
Kaasen Cryo-Sculpting / Cryo-facial device

Cryo Body-Sculpting

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Also know as cryo-lipolysis and “fat freezing” the surface of the skin is colled to between 0 and 4 degrees C (39 degrees F) in a matter of seconds, starting the process of destroying underlying fat cells (apoptosis) without damaging any other body tissue. The fat cells are permanently destroyed and are digested by the body’s waste management system. Clients often see an instant inch loss (as the skin tightens as well); leaving them ecstatic and returning for additional treatments. The process is painless, and a full abdominal sculpting treatment takes around 6-8 minutes. Once the process has started, it can continue for up to six months.

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